It’s a dispatch for misfits & unlikely optimists.

It’s also a weekly newsletter that shares three curiosities every Thursday - something to hold on to (that’s the rock), something to read (that’s the paper), and something to listen to (you guessed it, that’s the radio).

Themes will include but will not be limited to:

  • rebel violinists

  • books to break you in half

  • old Chinese dads

  • weariness

  • tiger cartwheels

  • single moms who should not be messed with

  • lesbian birds

  • hip hop philosophers

  • emerald hunting

What does “something to hold on to” mean?

It’s something to take with you even after your internet-frayed brain has moved on to the next TikTok dance/Twitter fight/thirst trap. Something human and cool and perhaps a little unsettling.

Why subscribe?

Why not? It’s fun here. Plus it’s a nice way to show your support for this little dispatch, which is offered up free and built out of love and guts and imaginary free time. You can unsubscribe anytime with one click. Join us.

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Is ROCK PAPER RADIO on social media?

You bet. Find us @RockPaperRadio on Instagram and Twitter.

Does ROCK PAPER RADIO have a podcast?

It’s on its way and we are psyched. In the meantime, if you’re curious to know what the show might sound like, you can check out public radio features produced by our Editor in Chief here.

Who’s behind ROCK PAPER RADIO?

That would be misfit and unlikely optimist Kristin Leong.

Kristin is a 2021 AIR New Voices scholar, and one of 20 international creators selected to be part of CUNY’s 2021 Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program. She was previously a producer with NPR station KUOW Public Radio, where she also edited the Seattle Story Project series. 

As one of 30 international TED-Ed Innovative Educators of 2017, she founded RollCallProject.com, a global portrait and storytelling project humanizing the culture gaps in schools. ROLL CALL is used in classrooms around the world to fuel conversation about equity and representation. Her portrait photography project HALF: Biracial + Bicultural in America was nominated for USA Today's Outstanding Academic & Intellectual Endeavor Award. As a senior at Sarah Lawrence College, the New York Times called her a "graduate already in the driver's seat." She is a 2018 Citizen University Fellow, a recipient of The Slants Foundation's 2020 Countering Hate Award, and a 2020 Seattle Mayor's Arts Award nominee.

ROCK PAPER RADIO is Kristin’s a weekly newsletter and forthcoming podcast for misfits and unlikely optimists. She lives in Seattle with her wife, son, and rescue doodle Radley. Find her on Instagram @leongstagram, on Twitter @kristinleong, and on SoundCloud here. Her newsletter’s home is on Substack and at RockPaperRadio.com.