I See In Color

Joe Kye and Austin Antoine's latest jam is an anthem for acknowledgment

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Every Thursday for the last few weeks of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, we’ve departed from ROCK PAPER RADIO’s usual format to bring you a new collection of solidarity-inspired projects from our crew of 21 artist-activists. Missing our old ways? Check out our archives here. If you’re new to our ROCK PAPER RADIO family and you’re wondering what this is all about, here’s our project’s mission:
AZNxBLM is calling for solidarity and collaboration between members and allies of our Asian community and the Black Lives Matter movement. We are pro-community and anti-racist. We believe in the power of art and the insights of outsiders. We are cautiously but fiercely optimistic.
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Hi again, ROCK PAPAER RADIO friends. I’m sending you two emails today because I shared the wrong link to Austin and Joe’s #AZNxBLM song in today’s Thursday dispatch. Apologies! But also, now we have this opportunity to share both pieces from their I SEE IN COLOR collaboration together in one click. Enjoy and please spread the word.


Joe Kye is a violinist-looper, composer, and storyteller. Austin Antoine is a multimedia artist who blurs lines between music, poetry, and theatrics.

I SEE IN COLOR includes two audio art pieces: an original song produced for #AZNxBLM, and an interview sound collage. The interview features Joe and Austin in-conversation on masculinity, the power of performance, and their experiences as Asian and Black men in America.

Both pieces are inspired by the possibility of dismantling the concept of “colorblindness,” and aim to invite listeners to acknowledge all parts of themselves and others, including race.

Here’s I SEE IN COLOR, the song:

The song is performed by Austin Antoine and Joe Kye, and was mixed and mastered by Sean Stack at Fat Cat Recording. Artwork by Ameya Okamoto.

Here’s I SEE IN COLOR, the conversation:

This 4-minute audio collage features Joe Kye and Austin Antoine in-conversation, and was mixed and mastered by Sean Stack at Fat Cat Recording.

#AZNxBLM is a project of ROCK PAPER RADIO and The Slants Foundation. ROCK PAPER RADIO is a weekly newsletter by Kristin Leong for misfits and unlikely optimists. Join us. Subscribing is free and it’s fun here.

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