Literally Eaten by a Whale

and living to tweet about it

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I often say that things are eating me alive (my pandemic ennui, my enthusiasm for vintage glassware, the multiple projects I bring upon myself), just to let people know that I’m not just dramatic, but I’m also a big feeler of my feelings.

However, for one lucky lobster hunter in P-Town, the experience of being swallowed whole was, in fact, a literal one. Behold this absolutely epic tale from Maria Cramer for The New York Times: Humpback Whale Nearly Eats a Lobsterman, Then Thinks Better of It.

What happened to this fisherman is amazing, but it’s the telling of the story that stunned me. Line by line, we’re right there with him inside the whale’s mouth—swished around, having existential last thoughts, then being unfathomably saved by the grace of one big spit back into the sea. Amazing. Is GOL a thing? Because I was gasping out loud and whispering WHAT!? to myself for the whole story. Enjoy! And then be safe out there this summer, swimmers.


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My teenage roommate, who happens to be one of two loves of my life, recently mentioned that he thinks my houseplant collection is becoming problematic. Just something to keep an eye on, he said, looking pleased with himself while standing under my prayer plant, which hangs next to my mini rubber tree, snake plant, and the monstera I’m propagating.

Lucky for the residents of Alameda, California, no surly teenager has yet crushed the plant parent passion of Solomon Leyva. When Leyva’s massive corpse flower bloomed in May—an aromatic, wondrous event that only comes once every few years—he decided to share his baby with his neighbors and break up the pandemic monotony with some plant power.

From Jessica Leigh Hester for Atlas Obscura: How a Giant, Stinky, Delightful Corpse Flower Got to an Abandoned Gas Station.

If for no other reason, I recommend clicking on the link just to see the delightful photo of Leyva carefully pulling his absolutely gigantic (and obscene) plant in a little wagon as he makes his way to the flower’s new temporary home at the gas station.



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